Enterprise systems

Struts security app-ocalypse. IT security manager’s survival guide

Sławek Jasek – IT security expert, SecuRing   The problem  Recently, we have seen one of the most spectacular data breaches in history. Equifax...

Several polish banks hit by watering hole attack – lessons learnt?

Wojciech Dworakowski (wojciech.dworakowski@securing.pl, @wojdwo)   Last days Badcyber.com –informed about ongoing attack on polish banks....

IBM FileNet

  Vulnerability description IBM FileNet Workplace is vulnerable to a denial of service, caused by an XML External Entity Injection (XXE) error...

Exceed onDemand

Software version: OpenText Exceed OnDemand 8

SafeCom PullPrint

Software version: Safecom G4 Server (S82 070.510*01), SafeCom Print Client G4 (v. S82 070.510*03)

Papercut Pull Printing Solution

Software version: Papercut MF v. 14.0 build 26241

PCounter managed print services

Software versions: PCounter v. 2.72,   PCounter Web Print v. 2011.10.27,   PCounter for Lexmark v. 2013.12.03   Technical details to...

Hadoop/Hortonworks HDP

Software version: Apache Ranger v. 0.4.0 (previously XA Secure v. 3.5.001) Technical details to be announced soon.

Cisco CIM

Software version: Cisco Interaction Manager (CIM) version 9.0. Possiblity of deleting default system queues (effects in DoS attack) XSS vulnerability...

Teammate Audit Management

Software version: TeamMate AM v10.4.1.   Hardcoded database credentials for privileged access Use of one-way hash without a salt (for passwords)...