Secure development in Java/.Net/PHP/...

Dedicated training

We deliver customized application security training sessions focused on a specific technology, i.e. mobile, iOS, Android, Java, .NET, PHP. A detailed training plan is arranged separately for each of our clients to suit their current needs and their team’s degree of expertise. The majority of instructions, materials and examples are devised for the purposes of that unique training session, which allows us to tailor it precisely to match the client’s needs.


Workshops combined with testing

The most effective way of tutoring teams on the topic of software security is coupling the training sessions with security testing in practice. In this scenario, we first carry out the tests and then develop training materials. This way, we can engage the client and start the knowledge transfer right from the testing phase, which we conduct using white-box methodology. After the tests are concluded, we arrange workshops for the project team, during which we discuss detected flaws, teach the techniques of safe programming and devise, jointly with the client, a strategy for the future. This approach guarantees a practical implementation of the received knowledge, and is the most effective way to make sure that the client’s applications will be free from security errors and have the correct structure.


Security Aware Developer

As a starting point we recommend our Security Aware Developer course. It is an effective way to raise the level of a project team’s awareness in the field of software security, especially in large teams that have not been yet exposed to training on this topic. If the team has previous experience in this area, we recommend the aforementioned method incorporating testing with workshops or developing a customized training session.


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