The Truth About Privacy in COVID Tracing Solutions

  Author: Damian Rusinek   TL;DR   There are two most promising solutions that ensure most of the requirements for COVID tracing apps...


GATTacker – Bluetooth Low Energy  man in the middle proxy tool

GATTacking Bluetooth Smart devices

Bluetooth Low Energy incorporates device pairing and link-layer encryption. However, significant amount of devices do not implement these features....

GATTacking Bluetooth Smart Devices – Introducing a New BLE Proxy Tool

Bluetooth Low Energy is probably the most thriving technology implemented recently in all kinds of IoT devices: gadgets, wearables, smart homes,...

Bezpieczeństwo rozwiązań IoT/M2M

Bezpieczeństwo rozwiązań Iot/M2M from SecuRing

The (Io)Things you don’t even need to hack. Should we worry?

The (Io)Things you don't even need to hack. Should we worry? from SecuRing

Hacking Bluetooth Smart

Hacking Bluetooth Smart from Slawomir Jasek

6 sposobów na przejęcie kontroli nad siecią przemysłową w twojej firmie

Sześć sposobów na przejęcie sieci przemysłowej w twojej firmie from SecuRing

Connected Car Security – Threat Analysis and Recommendations

Here we present a document which analyzes attack vectors and potential threats for connected car. For each attack vector (telematics connection, SMS...